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Lana HannLana Hann
15:16 11 Dec 19
First I was very skeptical . Even after first month i was not sure ,because i dint see major changes .but I still had 60 days money back , so what can I loose .Booooommmmmm after third month 15 outstanding acounts with total of $10 000 GONE !!!!! and let me tell you GONE FOREVER !!!!!I sent all my friends and family there .
Marnat TransportationMarnat Transportation
22:34 04 Dec 19
Our company was able to start a Credit History for business rather than just personal . It is very important when you need a loan or line of credit . If you have a credit score for your business than you can apply for Loan using this information . Nothing is going on your personal credit report . That’s especially important if you apply for State or Federal Contract !!! Don’t miss it , I hope it was helpful .
Mr TwisterMr Twister
15:06 15 Nov 19
When me and my wife applied for mortgage we were approved for 5,75%mortgage rate . My score was 660 . My friend told me to go this Credit repair guys . I was skeptical , but what can I loose ? Nothing much . Listen to this . You know that mortgage underwriters reviewing all package of documents and requesting new ones for 3-4 month , no less . So by 4th month my credit score was fixed to 740 !!!!!!!! So with this score I can go anywhere and request mortgage rates lower than 5,75% !!!!! After talking to my mortgage broker and negotiation my interest dropped to 4% the math over 30 years I would pay $85000 less in interest !!! $230 less a month and $2700 a year .It’s a free vacation that falls on my laps from the sky .I paid for my credit repair less than $600 . Unbelievable !!!!!!
LEx DosyLEx Dosy
00:54 13 Nov 19
I didn’t know my car insurance cost depends on my credit score toooo OMG to thisI’m glad I made a right choice and this lady boss extremely knowledgeableI think she knows everything in a world lolNot only about scoresRecommended to family and friends as well
Fordham Car WashFordham Car Wash
23:16 12 Nov 19
You may think that online companies can help youBut it’s not true , they have automatic system dealing with you personal problemsAfter paying to Lexington Law about $1000 and year later I had nothing done !!!!Credit Boost are real deal and real people . They solved and removed items that I thought impossible to eliminate !!! How did they do that ??? Have no clue . But they did. 6 month later all clean , like nothing ever happened . Waw

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