CREDIT BOOST AND REPAIR is leader in credit repair industry. Our track record talks itself. Our credit repair process is so effective that our clients see an average increase of 40 points to their credit score by the third month and 120 points within a year. (Individual results may vary). No matter how bad your credit may seem, we can clean up your credit report and improve your scores. We offer different service plans to assist you in achieving your personal credit goals.

You may cancel your agreement with us for any reason within five business days from the date you signed it and receive a full refund of any funds paid to us during this period.

If you feel unsure about the level of success that we've achieved on your behalf, you can request a warranty evaluation of your case progress. As long as you have complied with the terms of your membership agreement, we believe you should not have to pay for ineffective service:

CREDIT BOOST AND REPAIR HAS 60 DAYS money back warranty. The law mandates we cannot promise or guarantee results. However, we do offer a warranty. We understand how important your time and money are, so we have created a simple process to assure you that we will perform the work as described in the Service Agreement.

You will receive a full or partial refund of your monthly fees if the following are true as a result of the warranty evaluation:

  • We cannot demonstrate progress on your case, or, that we failed to provide agreed upon services as outlined in the Service Agreement.
  • You were a "participating" client, meaning you paid on-time each month, you have forwarded to us on a timely basis, all of the necessary documents which enables us to perform work on your case.
  • You have been on our service for a minimum of three month if you subscriber with first month free or two month subscriber with regular offered contract .
  • You provided a new copy of your credit report and scores within 3 days of beginning your case.
  • You provided a new copy of your credit report for analysis after three/two respectively  months of service, or at the time you choose to cancel and want us to determine if the warranty applies.